Bone Valley

Bone Valley (Lilly Cleary Book 3)

“…like Hiassen, [Matturro] keeps you with her all the way, laughing or gulping.” — Washington Post

“Florida ‘s phosphate-rich “bone valley” region provides the scary background, while Lilly’s fearless exuberance under pressure adds comic relief to an intricate tale that underscores the catastrophic effects abandoned phosphate mines and deadly gyp stacks can have on people and the environment.” — Publishers Weekly

“Matturro has a fresh voice and lively style (think Janet Evanovich meets John Grisham), and as a former appellate attorney and member of the writing faculty at Florida State University College of Law, she’s certainly qualified to write about the law.” Library Journal

“Matturro proves that multilayered mysteries don’t have to be put solely in the hard-boiled category.” Charleston Gazette


In her never-ending quest to log more billable hours, Sarasota lawyer Lilly Cleary agrees to defend Angus and Miguel, two fervent environmentalists who are being sued for libeling . . . an orange! In the Sunshine State, people take their citrus seriously—and there are powerful interests that refuse to sit idly by while a pair of whistle-blowing rabble rousers demean Florida’s main cash crop.

Though the orange affair isn’t quite the juicy case Lilly was looking for, it gets a lot stickier when one of the defendants is blown to bits right in front of her. Not one to take losing a case—or a client—lightly, whole-grain-loving, toxin-phobic Lilly will stop at nothing to get to the truth behind this and assorted other related murders. Which won’t be easy, since everyone is lying—including the surviving environmentalist, who just happens to have an advanced degree from the University of the Streets . . . in bomb-making.

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