Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping (Lilly Cleary Book 1)

“Funny, sharp, savvy, both as to the courtroom and the human condition…This new kid on Grisham’s block is one to watch.” Kirkus Reviews

“Witty, intelligent novel of suspense. It’s chick lit meets Perry Mason in this lively novel full of quirky characters and a dash of romance.” Publishers Weekly

Lilly Cleary is an attorney for a prestigious Sarasota law firm. But her killer cross-examination technique and take-no-prisoners courtroom attitude haven’t stopped the senior partners from dumping one stink bomb after another on her desk—like the kayak-whiplash case she’s currently saddled with. And problems at home, specifically with her ex–boyfriend, aren’t making her disposition any sunnier.

But it isn’t until she’s mugged outside her office that her troubles really begin. And when someone puts a bullet hole in her favorite suit, Lilly realizes things are getting a bit too personal. Perhaps it has something to do with a malpractice lawsuit she’s inherited, and her recently and suspiciously deceased doctor client. Lilly’s not going to take the insult lying down—even if tracking a killer leads her into dangerously deep water.

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