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When late-night phone calls summon Jude Coleridge and Camille Prescott to the demolition of their old boarding school, Talbot Hall, painful memories bombard the former best friends. Though estranged for years, both bear the physical and emotional scars from their youth.

At Talbot, they were branded “the crazy girls, the ones who lie.” They soon formed a trio with a new student, Wanda Ann, who ensnared them into her bewildering relationship with the school psychologist, Dr. Hedstrom. But Wanda Ann’s wild stories masked a truth that threatened to engulf them all.

As teens, the girls could only rely on each other as they moved toward an unfathomable, fiery danger. Now, in the crumbling halls of the old school, hours before its final destruction, they must grant forgiveness, to themselves and others, if they are to move forward.

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“Wayward Girls delivers suspense, emotional depth, social commentary, and a gripping story. Grab a copy, a box of tissues, and the phone number of your oldest friend, because you are going to want to talk about this one after you turn the last page. It’s a terrific book!” ~ Mary Anna Evans, award winning author of the Faye Longchamp archaeological mysteries.